VIDEO: Magic “accidentally” score on their own basket


The Philadelphia 76ers have gotten all the credit for tanking, and rightfully so, after they lost to everyone in the country and their grandmothers for 3 months straight. They were so serious about losing they tried trading for more losses and were disappointed to find out you can’t do that. Somehow they broke that streak, but naturally that didn’t last long.

Well, the Orlando Magic have done something even the Sixers haven’t done in the middle of all that losing.¬†They scored…on their own basket.

Deron Williams put up a 3, and Dewyane Dedmon and Kyle O’Quinn tried to get the rebound.

This is what happened:

(Video via

Nicely done guys.

For a team that can’t afford a single win, an “accidental” score on your own basket is pretty clutch. The Sixers wish they would’ve thought of that.


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