VIDEO: Pablo Sandoval Foul Ball Destroys Reporter’s Laptop


It appears that Brandon Phillips set a standard when he verbally attacked a Reds beat writer (C Trent Rosencrans) last season. In an apparent show of solidarity, Giants third baseman Pablo Sandoval has not only joined Phillips in the onslaught but has escalated it to a physical bombardment. Kung Fu Panda launched a foul ball straight back into the press box. The projectile narrowly missed its intended target but solidly struck beat writer Mark Sheldon’s laptop computer.

[iframe src=’’ width=’600′ height=’336′ frameborder=’0′]
(Video courtesy Major League Baseball)

At the :13 mark in the video, the moment he first saw the carnage dealt to his IBM Thinkpad – which at just over one year old was unlikely to make it through the season anyway – was heartbreaking. It reminds us of this GIF of a young Mark Sheldon on the day his first typewriter broke down.


(GIF courtesy AwesomeGifs)

Don’t feel too bad, however. Sheldon eventually realized it gave him a break from writing about a very disappointing Reds team. In fact, when other beat writer saw Sheldon’s good fortune, they took turns throwing the very same baseball at their own laptop computers.

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