VIDEO: Pacers C Ian Mahinmi airballs back to back free throws


The Pacers have had shall we say a….pretty rough off-season. You’d think one of your best players blowing off more money to go sign for less money with a team that was once the BOBCATS would be low enough, but a Pacer may have found a way to top that.

Playing for France, Pacers C Ian Mahinmi airballed a free throw. Not all that unusual, but still embarrassing for a professional basketball player (unless your name is Dwight Howard, who would call that a “good effort”).

As if airballing one free throw wasn’t bad enough, he then did it again.

On the very next free throw.

(Video via

As Micheal Jordan would say, “Nothing but air.”

This isn’t even close to the worst thing that’s happened to Ian Mahinmi, who last summer was charged with murder by David Stern for a foul on LeBron:

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