VIDEO: Peyton and Eli Manning’s rap song: “Fantasy Football Fantasy”


If NFL QB’s were the group of people in a club, Peyton and Eli Manning would be the insanely drunk guys that think they’re dancing incredibly well while the rest of the people there were laughing and waiting for them to bust ass while doing so.

Plus they’ve already got the whole funny drunk face thing down with #ManningFace.

(If you’ve missed our #ManningFace pics, be sure to check out the funniest pictures of Eli’s #ManningFace: and what alll 32 NFL logos with #ManningFace added to them:

But there’s one version of their #ManningFace that isn’t so well known. It’s Peyton and Eli’s #RapManningFace (Rap Manning sounds like the illegitimate brother they never had. Or possibly it’s just Cooper.).

They explored it last year for DirecTV in a video called “Football on your Phone.” And now they’re back.

And Eli brought the auto-tune:

(Video via @DIRECTV)

If your “fantasy football fantasy” involves Chris Johnson, clearly you need some new fantasies. Both kinds.

If you missed the original “Football on your Phone” video from last year, you can check it out here:


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