VIDEO: Peyton Manning wants people to sweat for Gatorade


Peyton Manning is one of the few NFL players that you may actually see more of off the field than on it during a game. He’s a bigger whore for commercials than (insert your most hated Kardashian here) is for (insert your favorite sport here).

To the surprise of no one, that will be continuing in 2014. As you’ve seen with DirecTV, Peyton loves getting some hot advertisement action.

Gatorade is the latest company to seduce Peyton with some revealing TV time. In this case, it’s a LOT of it. They’ve developed a very funny series of ads called “Sweat it to get it” (sounds seductive, doesn’t it?) behind Peyton Manning demanding people sweat for the privilege of buying some Gatorade.

With there being 8 videos in all (we told you, Peyton’s a commercial whore) we’ve separated them into two pages. You can see the rest by clicking the page number at the bottom.

They’re all about a minute or so long. Cam Newton even joins the cast on Page 2. Enjoy!

In Part 1, Peyton gets a little kinky:

Hot stuff.

In Part 2, they think Peyton’s kidding:

Peyton never kids. (But his head does: @PeytonsHead)

In Part 3, An Ashton Kutcher wannabe visits Peyton:

DUDE. Where’s my Gatorade, dude?

In Part 4, a customer learns what it’s like to be in the huddle with Peyton:

Certainly would be one way to keep Wes Welker from dropping it. Maybe.

On Page 2, the Peyton-sweat-Gatorade love triangle continues and Cam Newton gets into the act.

Do we have a love rectangle?

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