VIDEO: Phillie Phanatic Guns Down Helpless Pig


The Phillie Phanatic used a t-shirt cannon from short range to shoot a pig in front of dozens of witnesses during a Phillies game at Citizens Bank Park. It was an act so atrocious that PETA is considering an entire advertising campaign about it (which would be a welcome change from their claims that cow’s milk leads to zombification or whatever they are making up this week).

While we suspect that – having a Florida team in town for a series with the Phillies – this may have been the Phanatic’s homage to that state’s “Stand Your Ground” law, it went too far. Following is video of the carnage. If you have any young piglets at home, we urge you to avert their eyes.

[iframe src=’’ width=’600′ height=’336′ frameborder=’0′]
(Video courtesy Major League Baseball via Deadspin)

Clearly, we need to send ground troops into Philadelphia to combat this menace….and those troops should be led by Mr Met because the only thing that stops a bad mascot with a t-shirt cannon is a good mascot with a t-shirt cannon.


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