VIDEO: Phillies beer vendor catches a foul ball with his bucket


As is the case with any Philadelphia sports team, their fans drink beer. A LOT of beer (they need fuel for all that booing they do, especially at Eagles games). Lately you can’t blame them as the Phillies have morphed into a team that competes with World Series titles to a team that hopes to compete with the Astros.

So beer vendors are typically pretty busy. During a game against the Dodgers, one managed to sell beer and play defense at the same time.

Carlos Ruiz hit a foul ball into the stands, and the beer vendor caught it.

With his bucket.

(Video via

Best defense played by the Phillies all year, and it’s by a beer vendor. Naturally, it’s against themselves, of course.

He shifted shapes just like their X-Men character, which you can see (along with the 0ther 29 teams) here:

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