VIDEO: Phillies fans mock Braves’ Craig Kimbrel’s stance


Craig Kimbrel is a baller. The Braves closer is almost a sure bet to get the save whenever he’s called on, and his wind-up stance is about as weird and awesome as any stance we’ve seen in a while.

Naturally, this stance is also perfect to mock.

During the final season series for both teams, the Phillies and Braves were gasping and heaving to the finish line after they both missed the playoffs. Kimbrel was called on to close out a game between the two, and Phillies fans decided that he shouldn’t be the only one to rock out that crazy stance

Let’s face it: Whenever your team is missing the playoffs and isn’t cashing in a top 3 draft pick, it’s hard to find happiness in their play. These fans, however, made the best out of a bad situation. Naturally, their efforts failed and Kimbrel got yet another save, but you can’t fault them for trying.

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