VIDEO: Pirates fan makes a great grab…with his popcorn.


A Pirates fan had a foul ball coming his way off the bat of Matt Carpenter at a game between the Cardinals and Pirates and didn’t have a glove…so what would you do? You can’t duck and look like a coward, right? You could always try and barehand the ball like a boss, but what if you drop it? Crap.

So this guy had another idea…use his popcorn? Yeah…he decided to use his popcorn cup to catch the ball, a decent idea if it’s empty right? Well here was the kicker: it wasn’t empty.

Here comes the ball…GET YA POPCORN READY!

(Video via

He’s makin it rain!

Does makin it rain popcorn count? As long as there’s butter on it, Bartolo Colon would definitely say yes. He’d prefer raining donuts though.

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