VIDEO: Pre-game parachutist completely misses the field


Missing the target in football is a big deal (Just ask Tony Romo), especially when it is a parachutist who misses the stadium for his grand entrance.

As part of the game between Penn State and UCF in Ireland, aka the “Let’s get wasted even more than we usually do for College Football because we’re in freakin Ireland” Bowl, a guy jumped out of a plane with a parachute (without a parachute certainly would’ve been uh…interesting).

There was only one problem.

He completely missed the stadium.

(Video via cian257 on Instagram)

When asked about the mishap, the parachutist said, “Probably shouldn’t have been drinking mid jump. Or maybe I should’ve been drinking more. Probably more.”

His entrance was funny, but it wasn’t nearly as good as Stone Cold Steve Austin’s double beer chug entrance to¬†Gameday (Vine:


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