Video: Raiders WR Rod Streater does his version of Beats by Dre


By now you’ve seen the Beats by Dre commercials featuring random athletes including Kevin Garnett, Colin Kaeperpick¬†Kaepernick, and most recently Richard Sherman. If you haven’t, it features them “listening to what they want” instead of random fans, media, possible baby mamas as they prepare to head in for their game.

So, since it’ll be about 2139 before the Raiders ever win enough to land endorsements like that, Raiders WR Rod Streater decided to do his own version of Beats by Dre, called “Beats by Streats.”

A little girl comes to his door and Streater decides to listen to his “BS” (it’s like being in the Raiders locker room) instead:


A Raider stealing something? Who could’ve possibly seen that coming? Outside of you know, everyone.

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