VIDEO: Rangers’ Daniel Carcillo ejected for elbowing referee


The first period of Game 3 of the Rangers-Habs series more resembled a free-for-all than a hockey game. Brandon Prust started the festivities with a dirty hit, and before the fans could leave for their 5th beer of the game (because that’s the only way to watch an Eastern Conference playoff series), everyone on the ice was killing each other.

Daniel Carcillo even got involved, but instead of taking his aggression out on the folks in red, he took it out on a man in black and white. Check it out.

As you could tell, elbowing a referee doesn’t get you very far. While Carcillo getting ejected isn’t really a surprise, considering he played under Dustin Brown and the rest of the LA Kings roster of headhunters enforcers, it’s still not good for the Rangers to play the team that dismantled the Bruins down a man. As of this writing, the game was tied at 1 at the end of the second. Let’s see if the ejection hurts the Rangers.

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