VIDEO: Rockets G James Harden gets beat repeatedly on defense


We all know James Harden was given many gifts by the Basketball Gods when he was born, including his luscious beard, home to over 34 different birds. However it seems that defensive awareness, effort and skill may have already been sold out that day.

Thanks to the internet, a video has surfaced which highlights a few moments during the season where Harden’s weaknesses appeared to get the better of him. And by a few moments, we mean a nearly infinite stream of play after play after play after play after play of missed assignments, aimless wondering and red carpet lanes to the bucket.

If you look closely, you can see yourself taking it to the bucket at Harden’s expense.

(Video via

THIS JUST IN: James Harden is pretty crappy at the back door.

Harden gave up sixteen dunks while you watched that video, although he probably has no idea. Wait…it’s now 17. Better tighten that up for the playoffs, James.

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