VIDEO: Rockies Allow 3 Brewers Runs On 1 Wild Pitch


For those Colorado fans who were high while watching yesterday’s game and swear they saw three Brewers runners score on one Rockies wild pitch, let us assure you that that really did happen. For those who were so high that they saw six runners cross the plate on that play as well as a cheetah and a Spartan chariot, seek help immediately.

The play had two wild throws and culminated with Rockies pitcher Christian Friedrich trying to outrun Brewers baserunner Jean Segura to the plate despite his catcher awaiting the throw. If it sounds to you like a Benny Hill skit, you are not alone. In fact, one industrious YouTube user appropriately set the play to “Yakety Sax”.

(Video coutresy YouTube user lilj442)

Just how bad was that play? Consider this: the only way more runs could have been scored without putting the ball into play is if the wild pitch had been ball four and the batter had also come around to score. The bar is set pretty high, Cubbies, but we have confidence you can make this happen.

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