VIDEO: Rockies’ Corey Dickerson Trips Between 3rd and Home


Colorado has not witnessed a sports weekend this rough since the Super Bowl. During the course of the Rockies getting swept in Coors Field by the Brewers, there was a distinct difference in their ability to score runs. Milwaukee seemed to have any easy button in their dugout, as evidenced by scoring three runs on a Rockies wild pitch/comedy of errors. When the Rockies were presented with an opportunity to score on a throwing error, they fell on their face….literally.

[iframe src=’’ width=’600′ height=’336′ frameborder=’0′]
(Video courtesy Major League Baseball via Deadspin)

For 270 feet, Chris Dickerson was Pete Rose, punctuating his run with a completely unnecessary headfirst slide into third base. Then he turned into this guy:


(GIF courtesy Deadspin)

Following the game, the Rockies announced that they will begin storing their players spikes in a humidor in hopes they will their runners will start performing like those of other teams.


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