VIDEO: Royals ball boy gives fan in stands a fair ball


The Kansas City Royals were the American League’s long running joke until Bud Selig got blackout drunk and put the Astros in the AL West for some bizarre reason. Perhaps he was hoping it would help give him a chance to see the Texas Rangers lose more World Series before he retires? Who knows.

Recently the Royals have started becoming legit, and it was confusing to all. Not legit like actually make it to playoffs and win, more like “hey we were over .500 for like three days, isn’t that cool?” legit.

But against the Yankees, the long running joke Royals returned. Brian Roberts, who somehow is still alive (which makes him one of the younger Yankees) hit a ball up the first base line and the Royals’ ball boy caught it, and gave it away to a fan in the stands. Only one problem though.

It was a fair ball.


Perfect way to make up for it by refusing to go get a clearly foul ball later in the game. Screw up? Just quit working completely. #Merica

Perhaps he was honoring the Orioles ball girl who did it earlier this year. (Video:

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