VIDEO: Shaq screws with Charles Barkley’s chair on Inside the NBA


If you’ve ever seen Inside the NBA, you know Shaq, Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith, and Charles Barkley screw around on a constant basis and refuse to apologize for it.

Literally, in Barkley’s case:

(Video via @PatWhiteSports)

You tell ‘em Charles. Don’t like fat jokes being made about you? Here’s a groundbreaking suggestion: try actually putting down the fork for 5 seconds.

This was in reference to his getting…shall we say…a little “intimate” (to say the least) making fun of San Antonio women eating churros (Video:

So, later that same night, Barkley was trying to speak and make a point about the Wizards, and ran into a problem. No, he didn’t have actual/imaginary food in his mouth for once, he had a problem with his chair.

It wouldn’t stop moving. And Kenny Smith cracked on him the entire time.

(Video via @CJZero)

What would you rather have Shaq doing? Analyzing? Come on now.

The best part of all of this? Inside the NBA spends 90% of the time dicking around and still provides more analysis than anyone else. Nicely done, guys.


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