VIDEO: Smooth Rangers fan gives girl a decoy foul ball


Many kids go to baseball games wearing gloves with the hopes of catching a foul ball or not having their hands bit off when Prince Fielder takes a bite out of their nachos. Catching one is a big deal. But what happens when there’s a hot chick right by you that you want to impress? A Rangers fan/kid genius had a plan for that.

The Blue Jays’ third base coach threw a foul ball into the stands, which he proceed to “give” to the girl. There was one thing wrong though.

He didn’t give her the foul ball. He gave her a different ball. See for yourself:

(Video via

Catches the ball and gets the girl without giving it up. #BallerStatus

Cue the “this is why we can’t trust guys” comments from women, who will then go out and pretend to be interested in guys for free drinks, food, cash, cars, homes, and whatever else some guys who are too stupid to recognize it’s getting them nowhere are willing to give up. Who can’t trust who again?

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