VIDEO: St. Louis Blues’ TJ Oshie tries other sports

final kick

Unless you have been living under a rock (or passionately root for the NBA or NFL), you might remember during the Olympics how one man became the bane of the Russians and took the world by storm: TJ Oshie.

Well, TJ Oshie decided that embarrassing Russia wasn’t enough, so he decided to try to get on the cover of a video game. NHL 15, to be exact. To do that, he decided to take his talents to the other professional sports out there in order to make himself known to fans of those inferior sports and possible convince them to vote for him because, hey, we all know that most people vote for names they recognize (Presidential elections are a prime example of this).

The first sport TJ Oshie decided to show his skills for was football.

(video courtesy of St. Louis Blues YouTube channel)

In a move that surprises absolutely no one, once the Cleveland Browns saw this video, they offered the Blues Johnny Manziel and 4 first round picks for Oshie. While tempting, the Blues respectfully declined, as Oshie’s goal at the end of the video was worth far more than anything Cleveland could give them (as if Cleveland has anything worthwhile to give anyone)

Then, he tried his hand at basketball.

(video courtesy of St. Louis Blues YouTube channel)

While he isn’t exactly as skilled as LeBron (ESPN just left to change their shorts), we think he showcased enough to earn a tryout from the 76ers or Bucks. He’d easily be the best player on their team, by far. However, Oshie decided against it because, for starters, skates do untold damage to wood floors, and second, did you see that deke? You can’t really deke a 7 foot center in the NBA, at least, not that effectively.

Finally, he tried out for baseball.

(video courtesy of St. Louis Blues YouTube channel)

Well, let’s look at the positives. For starters, he had a good bunt. Get a speedy runner on the bases, and he could do some damage. He also nailed that bat flip at the end. Sure, Yasiel Puig might do a crazy bat flip if he gets walked, but he’s got nothing on Oshie’s “I just missed my eleventy billionth pitch so #YOLO” flip. Probably not good enough for an Astros tryout, but hey, you can’t be good at everything.

Except hockey. Oshie is rather good at hockey.

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