VIDEO: Stephen Strasburg’s “This is SportsCenter” commercial


Many people have started to turn on SportsCenter due to their crazy ex-girlfriend like obsession with talking about every single thing LeBron does. LeBron takes a piss, there’s a breaking news update followed by a 46 member roundtable discussion on what this means to the Heat’s season.

But one thing people consistently enjoy is SC’s commercials, who somehow never feature LeBron or Tebow or Michael Sam or any of their other obsessions (thank you based commercial God).

In the newest one, Bram Weinstein (an anchor we love in large part because he’s one of the smart SportsCenter anchors that follow us on twitter) can’t seem to find his lunch.

Stephen Strasburg might have an idea where it is. Yes, this is SportsCenter on NOTSportsCenter. Confused yet?

(Video via @ESPN)

Tsk tsk. Looks like the Nationals are going to have to teach him lesson and shut him down again. See you in 2017, Stephen.

This isn’t the first time SC and NOTSC have achieved #SportsCenterInception, check out the This is SC commercial featuring Oregon style uniforms:



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