Video: Tennessee fan mocks Lane Kiffin Beverly Hillbillies style


Tennessee fans are still pretty salty about what happened with Lane Kiffin. They just can’t believe a coach would leave a school that won 6 national titles, for USC, a school that’s won 11 in one of the best recruiting states in the country because “OMG it’s not in the SEC our mighty conference how could he leave :( .”

Remember, this is a coach that told a future pro bowl WR (Bears WR Alshon Jeffery) that he’d be pumping gas if he went to South Carolina instead of Tennessee. They’re upset about losing THAT guy. Yeah.

Well now that he’s back in the big bad SEC at Alabama (if you missed, this was twitter’s reaction to that move:, one Vol fan decided to sum up the story of Lane Beverly Hillbillies style:

Not surprisingly they left out the part where Alabama’s going to win by 30 or so. Vols for life y’all!


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