VIDEO: The newest Madden 15 glitch- Midget Linebackers


Not everyone is as physically gifted as Texans DE/LB/SuperFreak Jadeveon Clowney. The rest of us have to make up for our physical limitations with heart, hustle, and all the other motivational crap thousands of twitter accounts and books are dedicated to.

Well, in Madden 15, they’re taking that thought¬†to the next level. The WAYYYYYYY next level.

Here he is in action:

(Vine via Indecent Exposure on Vine)

Damn…so close. Almost had him. Good hustle though.

His name is Christian Kirksey, and he’s 1 foot 2 inches of pure athlete for the Tennessee Titans.

He actually has recorded so many highlights he has a full highlight package:

(Video via

The Cowboys need to sign him and stick him at MLB. Instant upgrade for them.

If you missed the first Madden 15 glitch, random flying players, go here:

Many more to come no doubt. After all, as EA Sports says: if it’s in the game, it’s because we screwed something up. Again.

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