Video: The newest Olympic sport- Mario Kart Speed Skating


The Winter Olympics don’t have the same pizazz for some peoople as the Summer Olympics, as many people have no clue what the hell sport it is they’re watching. They know it’s probably something with skiing or skating (possibly both).

Well timtimfed from YouTube has come up with a solution for those who aren’t that familiar with Winter Sports: add Mario Kart to speed skating and create Mario Kart speed skating. Who could possibly hate that?

Turtle shells, banana peels, shrinking skaters…there’s the whole works:

(H/T bleacherreport.c0m)

It’s got Mario for the kids, it’s got racing for dad, it’s got skating for mom, it’s even got blood for all those bloodthirsty individuals wanting to see more contact in these “pansy Winter sports.” It’s fun for the whole family!

Come on PyeongChang, let’s see it in 2018. Don’t pull a Sochi on us.

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