Video: Tim Tebow’s life without a contract isn’t so bad


The last time we saw Tim Tebow in the NFL, he was the New England Patriots’ 27th string QB, and bringing Tom Brady his double tall skinny mocha latte with extra foam and throwing passing to his favorite receiver: the stadium grass (

Needless to say, he hasn’t been anywhere near the NFL since (it’s amazing they haven’t filed a restraining order). But despite becoming a college football “analyst,” he hasn’t given up hope:

How cute, he thinks he has a chance.

But his life without a contract isn’t so bad, as told in this upcoming T-Mobile Super Bowl commercial:

Tebow playing Doctor is the closest he’s ever gotten to a…well, you know.

But it’s a pretty accurate ad, as Tebow has a better chance of capturing Bigfoot than ever becoming an NFL QB again.

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