VIDEO: Tonight Show’s Jimmy Fallon does NHL superlatives


In case you have been living under a rock (or have been glued to a computer screen reading every NFL mock draft you can find, like most every non-hockey fan in the country), the NHL Playoffs are in full swing. This is the time of year where heroes are made, where underdogs try to overcome favorites, and where the St. Louis Blues get bounced in the first round (Before you tell me “But, St. Louis is up 2 games to 1!”, just trust us. They’ll collapse. It’s a tradition.)

Well, Jimmy Fallon decided to take the NHL Playoffs and make a skit out of it for his nightly TV show, which every NHL fan should have missed since at least one game goes to overtime every night. In his skit, Fallon decided to apply typical high-school yearbook monikers to several players.

Well, I don’t know about you, but that didn’t really do much for us here at NOTSC. For starters, there are more teams in the postseason than just Boston and Pittsburgh (freaking East Coast Bias rabble rabble rabble). Secondly, only 6 players?! And he didn’t even take 6 well known players, at that. The only player on that list people are aware of are Zdeno Chara and maybe Matt Niskanen, if he is really that bad at playing darts. Let’s face it, if he is that bad, everyone knows to vacate the bar if they see him saunter in.

All in all, a rather disappointing skit. We can do better than that. In fact, maybe we should try our hand at it…nah, hockey players are the ones with “Most likely to be a boss at everything except failing” written under their names. Never mind, we don’t have any material. Let’s get back to the playoffs.

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