Video: Traveling circus Syracuse misses 6 shots in 20 seconds


At one point this season, Syracuse was undefeated and cruising to a 1 seed and potentially that 40-0 dream that was shattered for Kentucky basically the moment they printed the shirts. Then suddenly they couldn’t stop losing. This could be why:

You might want to note that when filling out your bracket.

Down by 3 they had a chance to tie NC State, but they couldn’t. They missed not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not kidding how many shots in about 20 seconds.

See for yourself:

(Video via @WorldOfIsaac)

It’s amazing they didn’t break the backboard while throwing up so many bricks.

This basically seals Duke’s 1 seed, although Duke could lose 6 more times before the tourney and still get one, so it’s not like it matters all that much anyway.

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