VIDEO: Umps Botch Count, Then Botch Replay of Count


Counting is just too much effort for some. One…Two…who knows what comes after that? Who has the time to be burdened with all the time in the classroom to handle such conundrums? This is why umpires have the “clickers” they use to track balls, strikes and outs. Apparently, even that is too much effort for some of those behind the plate.

With a confused Rays shortstop Yunel Escobar in the batters box, home plate umpire Paul Schrieber shifted into auto-pilot and completely lost track of the count. The four umpires gathered and went to replay to verify the count….which they proceeded to get wrong again.

(Video courtesy MLB on YouTube)

NOTSportsCenter has obtained an exclusive look at Schreiber’s clicker:


When asked about the matter, Director of Major League Umpires Randy Marsh stated, “We stand by the three umpires on the field that evening”. When told there were four umpires on the field that night, Marsh replied, “No, I’m quite certain there were only three. Let me check the tape from the game. One. Two. Three. Three. Sure enough – only three.”

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