VIDEO: Vladimir Tarasenko dismantles Rangers with sick goal


New York – We love to give the Russians grief when it comes to hockey. From Ilya Kovalchuk’s desertion of the Devils to play in the KHL to Alexander Radulov’s well-documented hate/hate relationship with the Preds, hockey fans love to pick on Russian players. However, there are some Russians *cough* Datsyuk *cough* that everyone can’t help but enjoy.

Vladimir Tarasenko might soon be the next to join him.

During the Blues’ recent bout with the New York Rangers, Tarasenko channeled his inner Datsyuk and skated through the entire Rangers team to score this beauty.

[iframe src=”″ frameborder=”0″ width=”640″ height=”395″></iframe]

(Video via

Cam Talbot had no idea what was in store for him. The defense in front of him folded like a wet napkin. Fans were spilling beer and screaming and making a scene. It was awesome.

Now, Tarasenko does play for the Blues, so nobody outside of St. Louis knows who he is. But if he keeps scoring like that, everyone will know soon enough.

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