VIDEO: Wichita State’s Cleanthony Early completely botches a dunk


Wichita State…what a year it was for them. Went undefeated, cruised through their conference tournament, and well…don’t ask about the NCAA Tournament.

Cleanthony Early had a chance for redemption in the college dunk contest. He had his dunk all set up, he was going to jump over some people and throw down a big time dunk and get all the chicks.

When he put his plan into action, he forgot one thing: to actually jump over the people.

Cleanthony Early thought he could fly during the College Basketball Slam Dunk Contest

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Still better than the NBA dunk contest.

Reminded us of another infamous dunk botch by Knicks F Andrea Bargnani:

Wichita State fan, your thoughts?


(pic via @BleacherReport)

She’s been crying like that ever since their bracket was announced and they were automatically eliminated (more on that here:

Someone else gave it a shot who did it a little better:

Look at those hops, he’s a good 2-3 inches off the ground.

To be fair, Early did make a dunk on his next attempt, which would make him the automatic winner if it was the NBA dunk contest.

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