Video: Women on Jeopardy don’t know who Roger Clemens is


Jeopardy doesn’t often do sports, but when they do, it can often lead to lots of laughs. This time was no exception. These three women took a shot at answering a question about the MLB Hall of Fame. Sportswriters that vote for the Hall of Fame can’t even get it right, so you know this is going to be something of a struggle.

This was the question: “Which Red Sox pitcher with 354 wins failed to find his way into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2013?”

This is how it went. Only 1 of the 3 players guessed was actually a pitcher. Yeah. Even Alex Trebek had to laugh.

If you put their 3 answers together they get a Red Sox pitcher with guys who can’t get in the Hall anytime soon. That’s sort of close?


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