VIDEO: Yadier Molina Drills Batter In Head With Thrown Ball


Even the best catchers in the game have bases stolen on them every now and then. Cardinals All Star Yadier Molina has taken the next logical step to eliminate those stolen bases: he’s taking out the runners before they even leave the batter’s box. Last night, he drilled the Royals’ Nori Aoki in the head with a throw “back to the pitcher”.

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(Video courtesy Major League Baseball via Bleacher Report)

Shrewd move, Yadi. After all, who’s going to question the motives of a man with a neck tattoo? No one with a neck tattoo has even been found guilty of anything illicit ever in the history of the world.*

Nonetheless, it continues a very odd season for Aoki. We recently published an article detailing the rough week the Royals outfielder was having, but it appears he may be embarking on one of the more hilariously painful seasons of all time (or at least an even more hilariously painful season than the one most Royals players usually have).

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