VIDEO: Yankee Stadium Tarp Is As Stubborn As Yankees Fans


The Yankees will spare no expense when it comes to their roster of baseball players. When it comes to their grounds crew, not so much. The rain was so heavy and the wind so fast that even the tarp wanted no part of it.

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(Video courtesy MLB via Deadspin)

It was the least clutch performance on the Yankees Stadium field since before Alex Rodriguez’ suspension. Then again, maybe the grounds crew should be getting part of that hefty ARod contract. With the infield pretty well soaked due to the tardy tarping, the game was called and the Yankees awarded a 5-inning victory. Well played, grounds crew. Well played, indeed.

Some Yankees fans were not amused, however, with only getting half of the game the payed for. They responded by yelling obscenities at the tarp while throwing knives and batteries at it.


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