VIDEO: Youth basketball player flops hard like LeBron


LeBron James has become such a big star, which in turn, makes him a role model for kids (for some reason, why grow up idolizing the real heroes like doctors, policemen and firefighters, when you can idolize a whiny basketball player?).

As some kids have demonstrated in the hall ways at school, LeBron has taught them a few things about what to do when you get lightly touched by another person:

One kid “took his LeBron talents” to the court. Upset after getting his ankles broken on a previous play, this kid pulled off such a flop that you’d think the other kid ran him over with a truck. He even busted out the women’s tennis “oh god it hurts” style grunt.

And yes, just like LeBron, he got the foul call:

(Video via

Hope you think of the children the next time you flop around like a goldfish that just got taken out of its’ tank LeBron. Won’t someone PLEASE think of the children?

They might as well make an updated “I wanna be like Mike” Gatorade commercial where the kid says “I wanna flop like Bron.”

Can’t wait for this kid’s hour long special on which YMCA he’ll be “taking his talents” to next.

Was this kid’s crazy flop enough to make the Top 10 funniest flops by LeBron as a member of the Heat? You decide:

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