VIDEO/VINE: Flyers fans hate everyone


Ah, the Draft. The first of the two exciting moments that occur during the offseason, the other being the opening of Free Agency. This year, the draft is being held in Philadelphia, and their fans are at the draft in force. You can’t blame them. After all, when was the last time the city of Philly had anything hockey related this far into the summer?

Well, these Flyers fans decided to make their presence known at the Wells Fargo Center, and we all got to see how they feel about every other team in the league.

I love this city.

A video posted by Travis Hughes (@thughes721) on

(video via Instagram user thughes721)

Apparently, everyone sucks. As if that wasn’t enough, check out what happened when the Pittsburgh Penguins were announced.

(vine via Mike Harrington)

Remember: If you know a Flyers fan or are friends with one, watch out. They hate your guts.

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