VINE: Arizona State OL blocks no one as his QB gets crushed


When most people think of Arizona State, they don’t really think about football at all. They might¬†think about how you could write your name on the SAT, not answer a single question, not ever attend a class in high school and still get in to ASU.

But they usually think about, well….this:


And who can blame them?

That’s probably what was on Arizona State OL Christian Westerman’s mind against UCLA.

On one play, he stood there looking for someone to block, and simply just couldn’t find anyone.

What he also couldn’t see, was his QB getting crushed while he did that.

(Vine via @edsbs)

Someone forgot to wait to smoke the J until AFTER the game ended.

But it wasn’t even just him. Look at the rest of the OL:

Incredible job, boys.

The only thing better would’ve been if they started blocking each other, Florida style. (The video that never gets old:

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