VINE: Arkansas State fakes a punt by having a player play dead


Arkansas State took on Miami in a game they were being paid to lose (which is sort of different for Miami, who lately has been paying their own players to lose). So when you’re being paid to lose, you get tricky.

Trailing 20-7 in the second quarter, and in Miami’s territory, Arkansas State decided to bust out a fake punt hoping to catch Miami napping, like their 7 fans in attendance.

But the unveiled a unique twist, never before seen in a fake punt.

They had a player play dead.

(Vine via @SeanKorte)

RIP that guy.

BUT WAIT! There’s more. *Billy Mays Voice*

He decided to get up after faking playing dead, considering their fake punt got intercepted. That was a mistake.

A big mistake.

(Vine also via @SeanKorte)

RIP that guy. Again.

There’s been a lot of near deaths on punts this year. Just ask Central Michigan’s punter: (GIF:

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