VINE: Astros fan really wants ball, gets denied by Derek Jeter


It’s Derek Jeter’s last season, so it’s your last chance to get your souvenirs from him, whether it’s a gift basket, an STD, a baseball, or all of the above.

An Astros fan learned the hard way, that despite his reputation, Jeter doesn’t give it away so easily. She really really really REALLLYYYYYYY wanted a baseball, and even got her Yankee fan boyfriend/husband/side piece/guy in friend zone/guy soon to be in friend zone to help her it get it from him.

It didn’t work.

(Vine via @victorinosbeard)

She just got Mutomboed by a baseball player, that’s not easy to do.

It’s hard out there for an Astros fan. At least she can laugh that Jeter has to spend the rest of the season in AA (


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