VINE: Bengals QB Matt Scott Pukes Twice, Then Throws TD Pass


The 4th quarter of a Week 1 preseason game is like any time during a WNBA game or the Meineke Car Care Bowl – yeah, it’s technically “sport”, but nothing of significance really happens. Well, Bengals quarterback Matt Scott had a chance to make an impression against the Chiefs and he did not disappoint, providing a highlight reel that has prompted comparisons to Donovan McNabb and…well, just Donovan McNabb..

(VINE courtesy Brennen Warner via CBS Sports)

Bengals fans are accustomed to seeing this team figuratively blow chunks in the postseason. It is a pleasant change of pace to see them literally do it in the preseason.

We do not know precisely what caused Scott to spew. Maybe it was just nerves. Perhaps he had just gotten done watching ESPN’s coverage of Johnny Manziel. It could be that he had the revelation of just how easy it was to move the ball in Cincinnati’s offense and thinking of the team paying Andy Dalton as much as $115 million to do so made him sick.


GIF: Dolphins-Bengals game ends in OT…with a SAFETY?

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