VINE: Bill Belichick scoffs at question of a QB controversy


Monday Night Football between the Patriots and Chiefs was amazingly aired on broadcast television as it was extremely #NSFW. At least for the Patriots, anyway.

Tom Brady struggled, his whole team struggled.

We’ll let him tell you:

There’s no one TO help you Tom. Sorry.

Well, it got so bad Brady actually got replaced late by Jimmy G., the new Patriot hotshot backup.

So it led to the obvious question after the game: is there a QB controversy? You can imagine how Bill Belichick would respond to that.

It was even better than you’d think:

(Vine via @WillBrinson)

Belichick’s face there should replace the half angry/half skeptical face emoji.

Bill Belichick’s disgust for reporters is the only Patriot thing still going strong this year. He had another great reaction before the season too:

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