VINE: Blake Griffin dumps water on Warriors fan after fouling out


When the Warriors and Clippers play, everyone expects points, points, and more points. In Game 1 they got whistles, whistles, and more whistles. If you were sitting in the lower bowl, there’s a 99.9% chance you picked up at least 3 fouls during the game.

Like Andre Iguodala, who fouled out with 6 fouls in 19 minutes and wasn’t too happy (, Blake Griffin had a rough time with fouls as well, fouling out just as fast. After Griffin picked up his 6th, he wasn’t too happy about it.

And he claimed an innocent victim in the process.

(Vine via @lashy)

Don’t you know the first 5 rows are a splash zone? Come on man.

They better get out quick:

Griffin doesn’t play around.

It seems Griffin and Iguodala’s foul troubles have already carried over to Game 2:

Uh oh. Warriors fans are in trouble now.

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