VINE: Blue Jays’ Jose Bautista trolls Yankees fans


Not much has gone right for Yankees fans this year. A-Rod decided to sue every single one of them after he was busted taking PEDs and tried to cover it up, Derek Jeter decided to call it a career (to spend more time trying to date every celebrity and model in existence, because baseball gets in the way of that), and a slew of injuries prevented the team from making the playoffs for the second straight year.

Jose Bautista decided to add insult to injury anyway.

During this afternoon’s game against the Blue Jays, the Yankees flied out to end an inning. Naturally, Yankees fans rose from their seats expecting the outfield who caught the ball would toss it to one of them. Jose Bautista had no such plans.

(Vine via Dave Lozo)

Ooh, that smarts. Pretty sure he’ll never hear the end of it on twitter, seeing as he follows practically everybody, but hey, it made Yankees fans upset, and that’s basically as good as a win. The Blue Jays ended up winning, too. Yay, double the misery! Schadenfreude feels so good.

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