VINE: Brandon Knight jumps and somehow doesn’t pass or shoot


It’s been an interesting career for Bucks G Brandon Knight, to say the least. When you die on the court and then come back to life, weird things tend to happen.

(For a 6 second demonstration of all the fail in Brandon Knight’s career, go here: notsportscenter.c0m/BrandonKnightFailCollection)

Against the Pacers, Brandon Knight struck again. He jumped in the air like he was going to shoot, then thought about passing. One problem though.

He somehow didn’t do either one.

(Vine via K L Chouinard)

Nice…uh…try? Sort of?

When the Bucks came up with “Fear the Deer” perhaps they meant “Fear what Brandon Knight might do with a basketball.” And they didn’t mean use it in a hoop.

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