VINE: Brandon Knight, the fail collection


Bucks G Brandon Knight has had quite a colorful career since the Pistons drafted him out of Kentucky. He’s a highlight machine. And not in a good way (you’re probably asking who has had good highlights that’s played for the Pistons and Bucks recently, and you’d have a good point). As you probably already know, he has the tendency to keep nearly dying on the court.

DeAndre’s also still wanted for taking the word “his” out of the first sentence in that tweet.

But whether it’s DeAndre Jordan taking him down for the count or Cavs G Kyrie Irving doing things to his ankles that are illegal in 47 states, Brandon Knight is lucky to still be around.

Sadly for Brandon, as this Vine demonstrates, the fail doesn’t stop there. He even mixes in some spilled drinks.

Yes, they spilled on him.

(Vine via CLUTCH on Vine)

Poor Brandon. It won’t be long before his picture is in the dictionary next to “fail.”

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