VINE: Brazil’s Fred flops like he plays for the Heat


The 2014 World Cup has officially begun, and while many countries are excited for the world’s most watched event…others, are well…not so much:

One country you can add to that frustrated fat guy on the couch list is Croatia, after Brazil’s Frederico Chaves Guedes (aka Fred) turned the match into an audition for a bench role with the Heat.

With the game tied: Brazil 1, Brazil 1 (Brazil was even scoring Croatia’s goals), Fred gets grabbed on the shoulder after potentially breaking away. Many would fight through the grab, right?

Fred had other ideas.

(Vine via @SBNationGIF)

Fred dropped dea…no, we’re not going there. Pretend you didn’t see that.

How does this flop compare with LeBron’s most blatant flops as a Heat player ( or the funniest flops we saw in the NBA this past season ( You be the judge…soccer might finally win something in America for a change. Eh…probably not.


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