VINE: Chiefs LB Dee Ford runs away from Frank Gore running at him


The Chiefs have had some…trouble staying healthy. To stay the least. Look at someone on their defense the wrong way and that person will end up out 6-8 weeks.

So they’ve had to take some interesting precautions to make sure they aren’t playing Andy Reid at LB at the end of the season (admittedly, we’re all hoping that actually happens)

Against the 49ers, Frank Gore came running to his side, so Dee Ford did what any good, fearsome, menacing LB would do.

He ran away as fast as humanly possible.

(Vine via PDS on Vine)

Dee Ford would be a perfect fit for the Bears. They’ve been playing defense like this for the better part of 2 seasons now.

If you’d like to laugh more at the Chiefs, be sure to watch their attempt at a double reverse, set to Benny Hill:

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