VINE: Eastern Michigan’s Center forgets to snap the ball


Eastern Michigan is one of those college football prostitute schools that colleges pay for a few hours of a good time and to take an embarrassing L. This week, it was Michigan State’s turn (Eastern Michigan is actually a juggernaut for B1G).

Michigan State put more points and yards on Eastern Michigan than most B1G schools do in an entire season. One play typified the entire game.

Eastern Michigan tried to run a play and Michigan State blew them up. There was one problem that actually lead to this happening.

The Center forgot to snap the ball.

(Vine via @LostLettermen)

Oops. Probably one place you don’t want to fall asleep on the job.

Despite it all, Eastern Michigan is probably still the 2nd best college team in Michigan. #1 being Michigan State of course, and #3 being Michigan State’s backups.

Don’t ask where Michigan is.

For more small Michigan school derp check out Central Michigan’s punter, who made the mistake of trying tackle someone high:

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