VINE: Ed Hochuli gets lost on the way to announcing a penalty


The Steelers and Ravens got together for a football game to give the media a break from all the Ray Rice talk to talk about…well, Ray Rice. And in the process, as you might expect from the Steelers and Ravens, there were plenty of big hits.

And as you know in 2014, that’s not allowed.

Ed Hochuli elaborated on a controversial first quarter penalty:

Well that clears it up.

(For an inside look at some of the NFL defensive rules, go here:

More weird penalties were announced:

Oh those Steelers, so dirty.

Well while announcing all these penalties, Ed Hochuli had a little problem.

He got lost trying to find the camera.

(Vine via @NOTSCWill)

As if this wasn’t funny enough, he followed it up by doing it again all of about 2 minutes later.

Can someone get this man a map of the stadium? PLEASE?

For more Steelers/Ravens fun check out the 10 funniest Mike Tomlin memes that spawned from his Stanky Leg move last thanksgiving:

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