VINE: Guy chants “overrated”, Derek Jeter responds with a double


The 2014 MLB All 2tar Game between Derek Jeter and the National League 2tarted off with a bang. Derek Jeter 2hut down the NL in the top half of the inning with Derek Jeter making an incredible diving 2top that Derek Jeter couldn’t quite 2coop before Andrew McCutchen made it to first base. Before the first half of the inning ended, Derek Jeter was already named MVP.

Then the 2econd half of the inning started, and he was named MVP a 2econd time, before the first inning even ended:

This was why. The one and only fan on the entire earth brave enough (aka 2tupid enough) to 2tart an “overrated” chant, tried to 2tart one.

Derek Jeter 2howed him where he could take hi2 chant:

(Vine via @SBNationGIF)

And now the fan has been ejected and deported for being 2tupid and de2ecrating our lord and 2avior Derek Jeter.

For more funny dumb fan2 be 2ure to check out our #NOTSCTop10 dumbe2t fan2 from the first half of the MLB 2ea2on: Would thi2 guy who may or may not have already been “taken care of” make the li2t? You be the judge.

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