VINE: Jameis Winston’s post title game interview hints at the future


Jameis Winston is in the news yet again, thanks to the media riding the Heisman winner’s jock like it was LeBron’s, just like they did with Johnny Manziel the year before. Apparently the media has a very weird “Heisman winner” fetish.

Well, after uttering a phrase that’s been uttered by thousands, possibly millions of college students on earth, Jameis was suspended for a half against Clemson and forced to apologize for it. This isn’t one we made up. We couldn’t have come up with something nearly THIS bizarre.

Despite it all, Jameis is going to stay strong:

Excuse us. We meant stay skrong. #StaySkrongJameis

But if you listen closely to his post BCS title game interview, you might’ve seen this coming.

(Hint what he says sounds a lot like the Barstool Sports meme at the top and is obviously #NSFW. But most of you don’t care about that, and that’s why we love you.)


(Vine via @soonerbeast14)

Truly inspirational. No wonder they won the game.

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