VINE: Jeremy Lin runs across the country, no travel called


In 2012, Jeremy Lin was the craziest most major super amazing awesome cool great very duper cool NBA player the world had ever seen for a good couple weeks or so, mostly because no one could believe someone could play THAT well for New York Knicks. It had to be a mirage.

Turns out it was. Since taking whatever he calls his “talents” to Houston, nobody even speaks to him anymore. Probably not even his teammates.

Well turns out Linsanity is still alive.

In the second quarter of Game 4 against the Blazers, Jeremy Lin took the ball and went for a Forrest Gump style run across the country.

Naturally, no travel was called.

(Vine via @WildSportsVines)

Linsane. Are we still doing that? No? Good.

It appears he may have actually dribbled once. So instead of 20 million steps, he cut it down to a cool 4 million.

LeBron: “Yeah…I’ve gotten away with more.”  We know LeBron, we know.

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  1. tony


    look at it closer, I had to. he dribbled

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